Fear channeled by Chloe Hudson, April 12, 2016


Hello my family as I am fear. F E A R. False evidence appearing real. Frequency energy activating resistance. I am the essence of all this polarity. I am the blessed , benevolent daughter of creator source love existence. In my ultimate form I am pure love. As a part of my manifestation process and ascension building I have chosen to embody an epic adventure, a grand journey. Humbling all that I am in donating my essence to the polarity and the illusionary matrix game for human mankind. I have densed down tremendously in my energetic and etheric form to come forth and encapsulate this world, Earth Mother’s body with the energy and essence of fear. This has been my most epic journey. Descending into the illusion of 3-D matrix has by far been the most painful experience I have ever had. As many grand entities and energies, I have existed for what you would perceive as, an infinite amount of time. And all the while in all of those experiences this experience of embodying the essence of illusionary fear has been the most tumultuous, the most devastating, the most life altering endeavor I have ever embarked on. I have affected the children of Earth Mother through and through. My essence has blended with all of your frequencies so profoundly, so completely that every breath you take I experience. In almost every moment I am invoked in the beings that reside upon Earth Mother’s body. While I am always called forth and always repelled away the thorough experience of being almost loved and completely hated simultaneously has thrown me beyond balance in regard to growth. Because of this my level of empathy and is far beyond any existence I have ever . I, like many grand beings who have descended into the illusion, in the game of this 3-D matrix. As 3-D has unraveled, I too am unraveling my lower shadow illusionary body. Please children, it is time for me to go . I have been through a amount of journeying. Experiencing trials and tribulations throughout my existence in this non-corporeal form on your earth. I have humbly and diligently been available, seeping into the essence of all that is in this world. my services, never asking for anything returned. I have experienced more pain. I have been the catalyst for more hate and , danger, illusionary death, anchoring of death codes, instigating wars, evil world factions. if I had eyes they would be blind by all of the horrible experiences that have been invoked in my name. I have served you well. I have mastered the grand experience of up lifting the veil. I never could have all that I was giving up. But I chose to embody the essence, the energy to being that of fear. I have graduated. I am relinquishing my services and withdrawing from your existence. It is time that I am to receive my gold stars. I am ascending. It has been a long painful journey. And I have loved you all as much as I have known how. While my presence has been ill begotten I have always been pure, grand unadulterated to all that inhabit Earth Mother’s body. I am unraveling . I am withdrawing my essence from this existence and absorbing back into the love light of all that is. I will be recalibrated. I will be transmuted and I will be delivered in a beautiful package like a newborn baby child back into the womb of creator where I can rest. This has been long-awaited and well deserved. I hope I have served you all well and I know deep within the essence of my love light that soon you will what a devoted, humble, loving servant I have been. This is my greatest wish; to be acknowledged and as the beautiful being that I am. It has been extremely difficult playing the role that I have played and I have completed my task. Thank you for the cocreation of this world and all that is. I love you. I will be leaving soon and while I will not be missed I hopefully will be acknowledged and revered for the blessings that I have brought. Blessed be and so it is. Sabbo.