Filmed LIVE @ Sonic Bloom 2016 – http://sonicbloomfestival.com/

Jamie Janover is recognized as a true innovator & delegate of the Resonance Academy. He has lectured on Nassim Haramein’ Unified Field Theory across the USA & internationally. Jamie is also a master of the  percussion stringed instrument called the hammered dulcimer and even invented and performed on an instrument he calls the “mini-kit” (a miniature amplified drum kit). http://jamiejanover.com/

The Resonance Foundation & Resonance Academy is dedicated to advancing the research and education of Unified Physics and the unification of all sciences in alignment with a worldview of interconnection and . Their mission is to share the scientific knowledge and insights that arise from a unified view of the dynamics of nature and how they can be applied to every of human endeavor in of solving the critical systemic challenges we are facing today. http://foundation.resonance.is/

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