Little Grandmother ~ Newsletter September 2016

Dearest Tribe of Many Colors,

As the leaves begin to turn shades of red, yellow, orange and brown, we feel our beautiful Mother Earth begin to quiet down. The plants begin to draw their energy close and slip into sleep. The energy is supposed to be quieting down, becoming still and sleepy. However, as many of us have noticed, the energy is stronger than ever, even a bit too powerful for our fragile and minds. is a lot happening on our beautiful planet at this time. So many people are calling, emailing, texting and coming to me with very similar questions. Why is my life experience so difficult right now? Why am I having so many headaches? And especially for women, why am I SO fatigued? Why are my menstrual cycles so very heavy and erratic? Why are my ovaries ? You can’t imagine many times I have heard these same questions from people all over the . To be honest, I have never in my life had someone ask me why her ovaries were hurting and now I’m getting swamped with the question. I myself have felt the very same thing. So why? Well the answer to that is simple. Whenever the Elders and tribes gather together for worldwide prayers and ceremonies are performed in all corners of the Earth for the Healing of Mother Earth to honor and bring back the Sacred, to pray for the waters of our planet, something is going to happen!

When the Elders put out a call to the world to go to our sacred sites and honor these sites, to begin ceremonies and prayers for Mother Earth‘s healing and we do this, things are going to change, and often “change” is not a smooth transition. Hundreds of American tribes have gathered to protect and pray for the water supply and sacred sites at Standing Rock. When we were asked to gather and join the September 22 Fall Equinox Medicine Ceremony, we joined in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux “Water is Life” ceremony. This ceremony was to stop the proposed DAPL oil pipeline that would run through their sacred sites, burial grounds and threaten their water supply and Mother Earth. Over 280 tribes joined in unity to pray for our sacred sites and for the water of our planet. Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the carrier and protector of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe, recently put out a worldwide decree to begin going back to our own sacred sites so we can connect to and protect these energies again.

It is not every that the world’s leading Elders put out a worldwide call to us all to do something. When they do, we must listen! Many people have asked what to do if there is not a sacred site near them. The answer is simple: Make one! No matter where you live, no matter who you are, no matter your age or your background, you and all of us have access to Mother Earth. If you cannot a sacred site, create one. Simply a place outside. Make a place where you can pray, where you can give , honor and gratitude for your Mother. Pray for her waters to be healthy again, her creatures to be protected and for humanity to live in love.

I remember an Elder once telling me that there is only one rule to doing a ceremony or offering your prayers: you must do it perfectly. And the only way to do something perfectly is if it comes 100% from your own heart. We do not have to be with indigenous people. We do not have to perform a ceremony as they do. We do not have to use their words. Pray from your heart, offer your own and most sincere prayers and you will be doing it perfectly!


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