Taking his first yoga class in 1980, Rodney Yee one of the most recognized yoga teachers in the world and considered a pioneer of yoga in the United States. http://bit.ly/RodneyYeeGaia

Rodney practices and teaches yoga to bring philosophy into action and to unveil the natural beauty of our spirits. He loves the ability of yoga to cleanse the mind and body which allows for presence of being. With his wife Colleen Saidman, Yee developed the Gaia Yoga Studio, designed to make a yoga home practice accessible to a audience.

Colleen Saidman’ introduction to yoga was at the urging of a roommate who convinced her to attend a class at a loft space in New York City.

It was not long after that first class that her worn out shoes, her basketball and her boxing gloves became relics of the past. In 1994, after enduring back surgery, Saidman’s commitment to her yoga practice deepened. A graduate of Jivamukti’s Training program in 1998, she has been teaching ever since. Saidman has been featured in Vanity Fair, New York Times, USA , New York Magazine, Oprah, Marie Claire, Allure, and has been on the cover of Yoga Journal, Yoga and Natural Health. Saidman is featured in the PBS special The Practical Power of Yoga. She has also been a guest on the Good America Show.

Check out more of Rodney’s classes: http://bit.ly/RodneyYeeGaia
Check out more of Colleen’s classes: http://bit.ly/ColleenYeeGaia

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