Marina Jacobi, 11 “Dimensional beings and New Earth Aria message to the light workers and humanity” October 1, 2016

We are the 11 Dimensional Beings. All the level of interaction are completed in the quantum Structure of realities to integrate the new Frequencies. So humans, as we told you that the new beginning is already here we are not manipulating you.
You can except the force of frequencies and integrate them in your new core silica crystalline systems. Collaboration is need it from you to be able to complete that. zee-on
Now as we mention that we will stop all the negative masses of energetic force to come to your reality, we must say that we succeeded. From now you will see massive of different situations like politics, disasters and earthquakes. But remember that you will experience that accordingly to your vibration. But all that is really small of what is truly coming. is coming. You will all see us in the flesh for your first physical contact. Everyone that is vibrating on that reality frequency, will experience a massive wake up call and new energetic force into their consciousness. If there is a earthquake know that you will be saved from it or simply hear that it happened somewhere. If it is a massive global monetary collapse, know that you will have everything you need and that is simply part of the process. That is because you are officially vibrating on Fifth Dimensional structure energetic force . And if you match that force you will have a very smooth transition. Do not take these changes as negative. Excep the situations that is part of the of Mother Earth Aria, and move on by withholding at all time your positive thoughts , deeds and energy feelings. That is the secret. Infuse the positive believe systems within you. Happiness ahead. We are the 11 Dimensional beings, so to you light workers, we urge you to be more giving through the light of simply giving. Do not make a business of what is given to you from us. We are here to tell you that you will all receive what you made yourself to be. It is all about matching the energy. So if you wish to see all abundance, you be and behave and give all abundance with no expectations. We do not wish to work with the ones that are profiting on the back of humanities pain. Must make a serious note of that. The abundance comes from within by you being the abundance. We oppose self indulgence on people suffering. Don’t you that the Universe will mimic exactly what you are vibrating on. It is a simple quantum law.
For the ones that are helping only through their hearts, know that we see who you are and your riches will come accordingly on your own doing. We promise you that soon all humanity will have abundance in your reality. Particularly the ones that are vibrating on family connection reality. We understand that not all of you will see that reality, but it was pre determined. We need the once of our levels to come and assist you as in a forms with glimpse and connection with us. So you can be enlightened and helped through the process of Ascension. The suffering from our humans we know was tremendous, otherwise how we will have known what is need it. So you think you are suffering, but think how some of us of our level is suffering when you know the knowledge. We had to be for a long time quite, and the activation happened in the certain momentum. It is like a switch to turn it on. So we are asking you to follow our knowledge, because all we ask you to do is give and love without explanations. Be the love feel it and connect with the source with that.
Instructions will be given to the galactic humans. Pretty soon you will be called for physical contact. You will see people coming and claming that they always had physical contact . The ones that are true, you will be absolutely aware of, as when the true proof from us will be given to the entire humanity. That is how we will show you who are the once that are truly with us. We promise you that proof will be given. So you are never manipulated again from the once that are lucrative and constantly taking from people. Know that slowly all that fame will be taken from them. The once that you will see among us are the once that completed greatly their task and are the true servants to humanity. Because In order to do that you have to match our frequency and consciousness. The true knowledge is by giving and giving out of your heart without conditioning. So be light and love and abundance, be the example, live it. So you know that you are the creator. We wish to say to you all that we are most please with you all. We know that a lot of you are confuse right now. But is a virtue of your soul. Hold the vibration and be love. That is all we ask of you. We are here and we are You.