Marina Jacobi, October 29, 2016

Dear this message came at once to me, Collectively from the Council of Nine, 11 Dimensional and the Galactic Federation. Future predictions in the Ascension timeline.

Marina, RA We come to you collectively, to tell you what is coming so humanity can move forward.
2017, Election with government.
2018, New systems implemented into the human energetic force.
2019, Extra Terrestrial contact summit. Also UFO Reptilian Benevolent contact summit.
In 2019, rug rats are and imprisonment towards humanity wrongdoing. All will be forgiven and transformed. Restored.
2020, Is the Slideran storms of the century that will be stopped from us.
2021, New technology reviled from us to humanity, and all the people will know not only certain individuals because it is time to stop the ego structure. The right scientists will appear assorted by us energetically to perfect the technology and the new technological era starts. FREE ENERGY to everyone’s home.
Let us just say that we will be very selective of the scientists and let us just say that right now is the testing ground of which one of the scientists will work with us. Do not be dazzled by money and popularity. Your popularity will not be the criteria for us. You have no right to withhold technology for self benefits, or you have no right to decide for the entire humanity which technology will be revealed. This is unity time. That is why a new better form of technology will be revealed, in to unite all of you scientifically. And not only certain individuals that are afraid that their ideas will not be credit and self profiteering. So stop this nonsense and start sharing your Ideas, and work in Unity not for your own benefit. We know who you are. You misunderstood that. all of you are here to work together and unite. Do not separate.

2012 was the threshold, but 2021 is the new technology threshold. Trust us when we tell you that we are all watching you. And we know who is tiring to profit and who is benefiting only for themselves. Understand that the monetary system is an . It will not be needed within five years from the moment of the revealing of the new technology from us. And that will be massive contact. Not only one or two. It is always a back up plan because some of you choose to come and help humanity but fell into the manipulation. You may be a brilliant scientist but that does not make you good in your heart, if your deeds come from ego competition and self indulgent. We strongly address this to all the scientists because we see what is happening.
With what we will give you will be unity so all of you scientists can work together as one and no more profiteering. The scientists that will work with us, are the ones that are truly self loving, and giving all for humanity through the of their hearts.
Let that be your warning. No monetary systems 10 years from now.
We are the Council of nine, The 11 Dimensional beings, and the Galactic Federation. Signals are coming from all . Let that be your last warning to all. We hope that you choose your and come to one .
of transmission. “