Received by Mercedes Kirkel
In a Group Occasion


Question: What if we find ourselves in different situations and pretty much everything is causing anger. Where to go?


: This is probably a sign of a very deep change going on in your life, a very sweeping-of-the-slate kind of change, where you are being called to something very different.


The first step is always to listen, to tune in. What is the anger trying to tell you? There is a message there. It’s trying to help you in some way.


Are you hearing it? Are you aware? Do you know what the message is? Are you giving yourself permission to really receive it and hear it? What would happen if you did?


Questioner: A lot of changes…


Mary Magdalene: It’s scary isn’t it? (Questioner nods.) Yes.


(Mary now shifts to addressing the whole group.)


Thank you so much to all of you. You bless me with the beauty of your hearts, your love, your goodness, and your great desire to contribute and grow. You are a blessing.


Thank you,

I AM Mary Magdalene


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