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Mushaba Platinum Light
By Anakhanda Shaka Mushaba October 12, 2016.
Like A Thief in the Night it Will Come!

I am Porda known as Papa Force of the Mushaba Family of Earth. I come to you today to tell you something of . There has been so much information being brought about the RV/GCR event. There has been information about delays and assassination attempts of Dunford, and that the US Corporation is still in control. I will address that, but first let me address something that is important. What I want to address is your soul journey through creation, but in particular, through this lifetime that you are now living. When I speak of your soul journey I am not going to get all woo, woo and philosophical you. I am going to get straight down to the nitty gritty you.

Now, as to the information that you have been hearing of late,

*There will be no delays!
There is talk that the RV will be delayed until possibly next year of 2017. That is not, cannot, and will not happen. The cannot wait that long and it is already in progress. Stay out of that kind of acceptance and only on your reality of truth and that truth is that you are next and your call to is already in full progress!