SaLuSa Message 15th Oct 2016 via Multidimensional Ocean

Dear ones, it has been a long time since we communicated you. We needed to see much of our teachings and prayers remained with you, even though we did not send you any message for a prolonged period of time. It has been an important test for us to see things would on your planet, should we stop sending love and light messages and this would affect many of you, as well as the planet.

We are glad to say that with this New Moon, we wish to resume some regular messages via this . Her time is very limited and she is under constant attacks from lower energy forms and realms, so we hope to resume our of her and protection from now on. Which is good news for everybody.

is still present within, dear ones. We know that at times you all doubt of it and it is easy to lose faith when everything that you hold dear disappears and you are left alone. Many lightworkers have chosen to leave the planet this year and we have followed their movement in the afterlife. As a result, many of you are left alone and not knowing what to do, as you find yourselves without guidance upon the planet at this crucial time for humanity.

“What am I to do on my own?” we hear you ask. We hear your prayers and fears for ahead and for those in need across the globe and the universe. Dear ones, the guidance that you seek is always within. Do not be afraid to stop your routine and take a look inside. Take a look at your inner state, and listen to your feelings. Try to do something to relax every day. This is great time to learn to be a selfish and to put yourselves first dear ones. Do take time to sit alone every day and to try distancing yourself from the string of mental and emotional pulls. This takes you away from the world of being and keeps you in the world of doing. However, dear ones, actions are far more powerful when they are guided by your higher self.

Trust your higher self and learn to listen to that power. No light can be more meaningful, no advice can be more useful than listening to your higher guidance. Try to achieve this everyday, even if you must try to work with a group of people towards this aim and to join a spiritual group. It is clearer to hear the guidance when there are many of you working with the same aim, because you all focus your energy to the same goal. Your light as a group is also much more visible from space than if you were alone. Try it but only if it feels right for you, dear ones.

The times ahead remain very tumultuous and dangerous. The drum of war is resonating louder and louder across the globe. Your free will and consciousness are being slowly removed from the population. The curtain of disinformation thickens, the lies continue and the propaganda rages on. Internet and news broadcasts keep feeding fearful messages to the masses and keep you on the defensive mode, while other sources just ignore all that is important and focuses on petty entertainment.

We encourage you once again, dear ones to follow independent websites and free thinkers. Don’t fall into fear, as its vibrations are very damaging and spread wide and far. Support your community, friends, family and those in need, no matter how remote they are from you. This is what it means to be a human being living on your planet at this age of change.