You can only Love God by loving yourselves!
10/12/2016 by John Smallman

Choosing not to love even other person, however unlovable they may appear to be, is in fact a choice to remain separated from God, from yourself, and from all of creation. It intensifies your own sense of abandonment, of worthlessness, and of terror – terror because separation, were it possible, would be eternally terminal. That terror is deeply buried way below your conscious level of awareness. If it were not, and if it were believed, it would cause insanity.

You do need to yourselves at least daily that you are Divine Beings created in infinite and eternal Love, and realize that your lack of knowing that, of that, is a choice that you made and that you can reverse. How? Go within, to that inner space where the flame of divine Love burns eternally on your own personal altar, and open yourselves to the Love that awaits you , wishing only to enfold you within Itself in every moment.

Many of you do, but you have great in your strongly ingrained belief in your unworthiness in the eyes of God! You turn away in of rejection. The thought of rejection by God is endemic within humanity! That thought is part of the illusion and part of practically every human culture. However, it is utterly invalid.

That Insane Thought Must Be Released!

Only you can do that. If you refuse to love yourselves, as is the with so many of you, then the love offered by others is ineffectual because ego-driven arise when love is offered telling you that you are unworthy. You perhaps think: “Why on Earth would anyone love me, they surely see how unlovable I am.” And, of course, to not Love yourselves is also a refusal to Love God! Each and everyone of you is eternally and inseparably One with God. You can only Love God by loving yourselves! It really is that simple.

Trust God! He trusts you implicitly because He knows that you are His perfect children, incapable of anything but Love. Release your fear of Him, your sense of worthlessness, of inadequacy, of sinfulness, and open your hearts to allow His infinite Love to enfold you, embrace you, comfort you, and fill you with joy!