Sirian Council, On the
October 23, 2016 by Christine Preston

At one he claimed that Galactic was only 1000 years old and he had not consulted Sheldan Nighdle’s information about this, which you have mentioned in your study. About his , how he was first contacted and taken aboard a craft, then taken to the past to observe, with callousness or cold-heartedness, a young girl losing her in a fire. Those of the sinister who have secretly pulled the strings of control for their agenda of global conquest, have developed a technology as part of their secret programs, one of which, as some among you may know, is related to travel. They have used it to observe past and future events but their Looking Glass technology has malfunctioned beyond the year 2012 because of the Ascension process, as well as the in which timelines have been modified. And we, on higher dimensions, do not need to observe what people experience, to see how they suffer, if the Law permits it we much prefer attempting to save them, and are well aware of the range of feelings human beings are capable of. We have a higher range of such feelings, not less. So the being this contactee encountered was certainly not of the Light. This discernment may be sufficient to prove the case. We will address these matters in a complete at some in your future, which is not too distant. For the being, let it be sufficient to say that all is in good progress with our work of contribution for the fulfillment of Archangel Michael’s ancient Prophecy. A amount of disclosure is being carried out, and as intended, you are on the verge of a shift in your density because you have reached a ceiling that you are presently passing through, and the catalyst is the amount of shocking disclosure taking as it is causing consternation, and new narratives, attempting to what is taking place, are altering people’s perceptions, as well as their attitude to all the great questions of Life. And yes, Lord Sanat Kumara has informed you during your , that although he is in the sun he is still with Earth and will be releasing an Announcement soon. I leave you guarded in the Light to which we have Alliance. We live in Light. This was from the Sirian Regional Council located in Andromeda.