Be brave. Be very brave. You must hold the light. You must be centered. You must be in your heart chakra. Do not waiver. Be the star.
Dear Family of Light,
I come today in love and in the beautiful list of the Consciousness.
Many of my brothers and sisters are going through trials and tribulations as we bring in this new beautiful energy of the Divine Feminine and the Goddess. What is your ? What makes your heart sing? We say to you focus on what makes you happy. Whatever this may be and for each individual it is different.
We you. WE LOVE YOU. We are here for you. We did not abandon you. We will be reunited again. Soon.
The Halls of Amenti will be filled once again. We are taking back our power and we will again reside in our Temples. Our energy will again be radiated out to the world via these sacred forms. This is our destiny.
Ask me in for the key and I will gift it to you. The key of your ancient knowledge.
The key of our order. This key will unlock your ancient , your gifts. You had to wait for the perfect time. It was in Divine Timing. This time is now. If you have been led to reed this channeling, then you will be given a key.
We are here to help you with whatever you need. Just ask.
, Isis, Sekhmet, and the Hathors
Say this outloud: To The Keepers of the Seven Gates I now state my right of to the Halls of Amenti.