Greetings Dear Ones, I have come once again to assist in the raising of consciousness for the human collective. The planet has been immersed with so much energies. You can FEEL the changes within you. As you go and transform from within, it is reflected to the outer. This is part of the Co Creation process. You are being Called to BE LOVE in Action and begin the Co Creation of New in Unity Consciousness… through the , together with The Unified . The changes that are in process, are affecting your Being and activating Twin Flames, Role Changes, Geographical Changes and so much more. processes have changed as you tap in the and Feel, Know and act the Truth.

We do notice, that many falling back to the mind pitfalls, old thought patterns, fantasies, systems and more… Let us discuss some of the pitfalls many to put into your awareness. Let us Re-Heart You, Awareness = Consciousness.

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