Good Morning Dear Ones,

I awoke early this morning and starting blinking my eyes. Within at least 6-8 blinks I saw an image of a partly cloudy sky with a sun beaming throughout the sky. Each time I saw the image I heard, “A new day is dawning.” I have not had this sort of thing happen for me in a long time. It brought a feeling of something new for us all. Just a few minutes ago, I got the feeling that a message was here for us all. Here it is.

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, November 22, 2016.

This is the time to get through the encumbrances that are seemingly all around you. It is time to at them in a different way and see them as messages of release. There is coming a new way to see things and that is taking it in a different place than before. As you do this you will begin to see what the inner cause for such encumbrances may be about. They may be the opportunity for you to go in a different direction. They may be for you to deliver a message to the ones who are in what it is that seems so out of harmony. This can bring to your a new flavor, a new way to believe in the outcome of what may come from it. As you do this you may experience a new way of feeling about what gave you cramps, or uneasiness. It could be the very message that you’ve been due to the old way of looking at something.

I you an example; it is about the way a person feels when tells you about how you look. That person may say that you seem to be out of place in what you are doing. It could mean not that you are wrong, but that you are expressing in a way that does not represent what you really , because you are confused as to what the outcome is all about. That is when you can ask the person, what do you mean that I am not doing this right? Then the person can say that you might consider doing it in a way that satisfies you for yourself, not for others. It might be that what you will like will be a surprise for others, due to the fact that they had not considered it that way. Or it could be the opposite; that they thought you were coming from a different place than they were. This is what is so important, right now especially. To be honest and see anything from the completeness of what it can mean. In this way, you will be open and ready to move forward with the clarity that is necessary in order to be in complete harmony with all of life.

A NEW DAY IS DAWNING! Wake up Call Ohmnipure 11-22-16 .