A Visit from Spirit Animal Crow
by Jennifer Snell, November 2, 2016


From Jennifer: This morning I was sitting in my living room listening to the various videos coming out of Standing Rock. As I listened to the stories from our Native American who were unjustly arrested and with felonies no less, it made me teary eyed and grateful that finally a group is making a stand for our Dear Mother and our Water.

As I played the Pow Wow music from the Lakota Sioux, I received visions of my lifetimes as an Aborigine, Mayan, Hopi, and as a Lakota Sioux and it brought back the feelings and memories of my to the Mother, when I was really connected, without my mobile phone or my computer. When I would sit for hours on on a bright sunny day alongside the lake on the bright grass with my bare feet in the soil as I listened to the children play outside our teepee camp. I could smell the beautiful sweetgrass as I looked up into the clear and beautiful blue sky. I was so happy because I was so connected. Living in the moment and just feeling that connection to my Ancestors, to the Mother, to . Nothing else mattered. I was complete.

Just then I heard a loud booming “squawk, squawk” which was so loud it brought me out of my trance and made the hair raise on the back of my neck and I got goosebumps all over. I walked outside on the back deck to see a huge black crow sitting on the post. He looked at me and then flew away. I knew that this was not just a , that he had something to say. Spirit had come to me with a message.

From Crow: Do not give up, stand tall, perservere. This is our time. The Children of Light and of Earth are going to reclaim what is rightfully ours. We will no longer bow down and serve another Master. Stand in your light. your Brothers and Sisters at Standing Rock. Send them your Love and Energy. Reclaim your Power. Stand up for what you believe. Do not be silenced. We squawk loudly to you to remember to make sure your voice is heard. Speak your truth. This is our time.