Archangel Gabriel Announces Changes,
November 24, 2016 by Christine Preston

Dear ones, Jesus the Christ did not die on the cross but survived and was taken aboard a galactic to a Light Chamber where he was healed, restored to life, and to full consciousness. He then returned among the people who had known him and it was said he had ascended to heaven. However, his teaching, prior to this, was about a technique of to your Father in Heaven, the that , to whom the Lightbearers are connected, the of this communication to Christ consciousness, as it is a birth right to who have the connection. The sons and daughters of God do have that threefold flame in the secret chamber of their heart chaulkrah. The fallen ones have lost it. Your Lord Jesus Christ was not unique in the he alone could be regarded as a Son of God. He was proclaimed the Only Son of God and his message was misunderstood. The Nicene creed that Constantine forced the bishops to accept in 325 AD, was a distortion of Christ’s doctrine. The bishops who were invited to Nicaea were Gnostic. At first they refused the new doctrine of sacrifice and atonement, but they were threatened of exile if they did not accept it. The new Church did not understand the esoteric meaning of Christ’s words ‘my is broken for you’ which is repeated before Catholics share the bread. That is the Universal Christ consciousness that is descending as a light in this age of Ascension. It is that Cosmic Christ that is Unique. It is a higher dimensional blueprint that the can mirror, it is a consciousness of the 5th dimension that you are giving birth to, and that is the second coming. You can also be overshadowed, or overlighted by the entire spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and every Saint in heaven, and your higher Self is taking hold of you.