Michael, Hope for this Transition Period
November 29, 2016 by Christine Preston

Donald Trump indeed came to his position of being able to oppose the political Establishment because he was put there in place for a mission. It is not that God has chosen him, but is working through him. It is the mission of Saint Germain to bring prosperity and peace to the world for the creation of his golden Age, as prophesied, and known for decades, as the Ascended did inform the lightbearers about his appearing in the world for this purpose in previous decades. This was done by dictations, or communication, or channeling, through the messengers such as Clare Prophet. Do consult the teachings of the Ascended Masters for information about this and the fact that Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Age of Aquarius. You are now in this age and planet Earth is being changed. So is your . You are progressing in the density while being in dimensional consciousness, and this is the Age of Transition to a shift to 5th density. There is a certain separation of Realities taking place as the souls of darkness, mainly the laggards of Maldek, that are rejecting the awakening , are literally dropping down and separating themselves from the pyramid of Light that this of souls of Light forms, as the body of God.