By Shivrael Luminance River.

We wish you to be a light bulb, a conductor of light through your being and to encourage those of the light, to to who they are. those who have done that, awakened, to start light as little do, for they are still connected to source. Be as a child, be the love you are. That is all.

Right now so many are not shining their lights and wanting to stop and control others and think that there happiness depends on government. It never has, we assure you.

Get away from thinking about the wrongness/rightness conundrum that is your government and awaken, the forces of light are blasting truth into the he halls of the hearts of humanity. Trust in this and know all is well from a wider .

Allow the colors to flood as hues of hue-manity’s light shining in many shades of justice and truth with love from Mother Mary- the pink frequency of .

We are the cloud , we are the light we are interwoven of rainbow threads. We are you as you appear in celestial form. We are your essence and you are ours. Our essences and frequencies and woven and when you channel us through you, we infuse you with pastel love frequencies and you infuse us with your essence that is our own. Source light from to .

We are the ones who blow the wind and are the wind of changes. (image of a cloud with a face blowing wind.) We speak as a of consciousness and implant images as you tune to our archangelic channel of light.