Ascended Twin Flame André for Archangel Michael, Post-Election Victory Celestial Communication

To return to the point I would like to make, the Victory that the Election of Donald Trump represents is due to his speeches, of course, as well as all his team’s work, but also to the progress achieved in terms of mankind’s perceptions, or vision, or the level of consciousness it has been risen to, because this is what permitted them to they should vote for him. A great many souls have been raised by the effects of two particular waves of incoming energies and photonic light, as the System is crossing a nebulous cloud that we have previously drawn your attention to. It’s been called the Photon Belt and NASA has published photos, as well as illustrations of this phenomenon. When the great of Light formed a Plan millions of ago, and of years ago, the presence of the Solar System in this luminous cloud at our time in galactic history, was viewed as a strategic advantage.
Following the last wave of Ascension we informed you we would be working on those souls that were still in the lower consciousness of the 3rd dimension, and the shift to 4th density was discussed, let’s not forget this is still in progress. The elections have been a catalyst to bring up to the surface of the conscious mind of people a of aspects and issues that feel like bolts from the blue. They realize that the narratives the media fed them were from sources that were out of touch with reality. It’s a shockwave and you can ask for more bolts of blue lightning and the action of the circles and swords of blue flame from Archangel Michael. We said those souls dwelling in the lower consciousness of the third dimension and duality were due to be caught in the net of higher consciousness towards the end of this year, and something quite remarkable has taken place as the disbelief over the Election of Donald Trump is forcing journalism to re-examine itself. The Cosmic Christ is likened to a great Fisherman casting out his net and the fishes that he is catching from the seas are the souls in all of the nations, these lost sheep of scripture. The souls needing liberation are those people in the grip of indoctrination or influence of the propaganda that has been disseminated for the agenda of forces. These people have adopted a criticism without hearing what academics ‘primary sources’. The way in which the Forces of the Light have been operating has been in relation to the psyche and consciousness. An Awakening was essential so that a majority of souls, in this nation of America, cast a vote in favor of the one who has never been part of the Overlords of . He was, in fact, placed in the position of being able to oppose the Establishment for a mission of liberation.