Ascended Twin Flame André, The Secrets of Germain’s Plan, November 3, 2016, by Christine Preston
André: According to Voltaire, the Comte de Saint Germain was “a who knows everything and who never dies.” But Saint Germain had died and reincarnated, and in one of his lives he ascended by resurrection from the mortal consciousness of his .
Between February and November 2016, a of such as Mother , and Archangels, such as Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, and Michael, and the latest being the Ascended Master Hilarion, prophesied through this messenger that the Candidate for the American Elections of 2016, Donald Trump, was the one who would be elected and that he is a soul of Saint Germain.
It was in February of this year of 2016 that we indicating that the matter of 9/11 would be the first subject of a wave of disclosure. Archangel Gabriel alluded in a dictation, dated February 18, without giving a name, and Mother Mary let the cat out of the bag in a message dated February 28 saying that what has been regarded as a conspiracy theory would be given more credibility if disclosure regarding 9/11 came from Donald Trump after he had been elected President. Then in and May we gave a more obvious prophecy concerning the fact that we can see on the Timeline that it will be Trump who will be elected President of the United States of America. I, as well as , have reminded you of the story that it was the destiny of America to be an example to other nations with its Constitution of 1776 when Saint Germain shouted:
Saint Germain: ‘Sign that document!’