Dayne Francis, Higher Self, The Collective
November 13,2016

As the collective of this planet going through a of , see this message as you are talking to yourself. It is time to wake up, it is always good to be fully present in the present. All of the pain and fear keep us asleep or not fully awake. These are to be released by all souls who wish to at this time. As these are released lots of chaos shall be seen and felt, but love and all of which is comfort for the awaken one. We are one, this channeler is only but myself being expressed by the knowing of that of which expressed using , just as how you can see me as in love, in a tree and the birds that nest in it, you can also find love in man, it is what we are channeling that creates the difference as all humans are channelers of the unseen. As we channel that unconditional love, Heaven steps into , we as humans have our design made perfectly for all to know himself as me (LOVE) some say God, still God is Love and I existed even before the word God came into dialect. the attributes of me expressed in man as my way of living which is also his way of living because we are of one spirit mind and . As we fill our being with Love, our vessel with Love is how we complement the world is in harmony. him and he is me, also you and you is also me. Manner from heaven is the grace and that the body feels when present, when Love is only present, conscious consciousness it can be called. When fear and doubt is released what remains is light in the , understanding in the chaos, comfort for the uncomfortable and courage for the hesitant. into your knowing, for only through understanding can we go through this phase with simplicity.