Jeff’s explanation on this topic is easy to follow and he goes into deep detail of how it all works, I hope you enjoy this wonderful post 🙂

Have you Discovered Your God-Self? by Jeff Street

Have you figured out who and what you truly are? Have you that your self is not limited to your body? There are multiple levels to your self and ultimately your highest self is Source Consciousness — you are an integral part of the One Self.

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Electric Sheep in HD is an high-definition rendering from the Electric Sheep project by Scott Draves.You can find more about it at
Scott’s website is at You can find more about this video, plus a torrents of a high-quality mkv version, or looping blu-ray iso at… This work is under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license:… For more information on re-using content from the Electric Sheep project, see
‘Sheep’ are fractal animations that can be by humans, by computers using a genetic algorithm, or a of both. This animation used the top 256 ‘best’ sheep (by of votes) from the Electric Sheep server, rendered into a continuously-looping animation.

Transcend by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (