I Am To See – We At The End Of This Space Time I #ET-02a

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The Entangled Teleportation .

Readings: LESSON 19: I Am Not Alone In The Of My . [para 1-2], : CHAPTER 27: The ‘Hero’ Of The Dream [para 10-11], LESSON 20: I Am Determined To See. [para 1], LESSON 21: I Am Determined To See Things Differently. [para 2], TESTAMENT (Aramaic): The Sermon On The Mount. [Matt. 5:1-26], : CHAPTER 29: Seek Not Outside Yourself [para 1-3], LESSON 22: What I See Is A Form Of Vengeance. [para 1-2], LESSON 23: I Can Escape From The I See By Giving Up [para 1-4]