I See Only The – We Meet At The End Of This Space Time Episode – Episode I #-01a

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The Entangled Series.

Readings: TEXT: CHAPTER 26: The Little Hindrance [para 3], LESSON 7: I See Only The Past [para 1-2], LESSON 8: My Is Preoccupied Past Thoughts. [para 1-3], LESSON 9: I See Nothing As It Is . [para 2], LESSON 10: My Thoughts Do Not Mean . [para 1], LESSON 11: My Meaningless Thoughts Are Me A Meaningless World. [para 1], LESSON 12: I Am Upset Because I See A Meaningless World. [title Only], LESSON 14: Did Not Create A Meaningless World. [title Only], LESSON 15: My Thoughts Are That I Have Made. [para 1], LESSON 199: I Am Not A . I Am Free. [para 1-3]