Inter-dimensional Portals by The Arcturians
through Suzanne Lie August 25, 2016

Sometimes we feel as if we are on the edge of going in to and out of time. What we have heard inside is that once we get to a certain of alignment with our fifth dimensional self, we begin to see reality as it is, in the NOW, instead of the third dimensional perceptions in which we reality as it “should be,” or “ we want to be,” or “how it has been in the .” Right NOW, within our every thought, within every second of the time, and with every emotion, we are creating our reality. We are also beginning to discover that it is our that force us to follow our own destiny. When we are able to perceive reality within the NOW, rather than some version of the past or hope for the future, we begin to that WE have created our to be a reality on the edge of the NOW of the fifth dimension. When we are standing at the edge of our octave shift into a fifth dimensional reality , we think of that transmutation into the fifth dimension as a major reality shift. In the third/ dimensions we were trying to remember who we really were and why we got this Earth vessel.

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