There is NO SEPARATION! All – all consciousness, all , all awareness – is ONE.
November 19, 2016 by John Smallman

Love is now awakening in every , and as It does so, all the buried or denied emotional baggage that you have been is rising to the surface, erupting into your awareness to be released. And this can be, and often is, shocking for you. Do not attempt to block it, that only increases your pain and suffering. Allow it, observe it, offer it love, and let it go! That is all you need do. As you allow you may well yourselves “sobbing your hearts out,” but just sob, weep, and watch as it dissolves, bringing you a tremendous of . Keeping it buried has demanded enormous energy that has been draining you physically and emotionally. When you let it go you will yourselves feeling invigorated and far more alive, in fact with great enthusiasm for just being, with an enthusiasm that appears to have no source, no reason, no cause. Well that, of , is your natural state.

When you let Love into your conscious awareness and reside there in every your whole life experience changes. Worry and fall away because there is nothing to empower them, and you realize that you need nothing in this moment of now! There is only now, and that becomes dazzlingly apparent. You will be amazed at the vastly increased energy that has become available to you. Nothing that you need do to fulfill your human responsibilities will overwhelm you or exhaust you, your life will flow powerfully and enjoyably, and any challenges that will be dealt with lovingly, competently, and wisely, without either conflict or a sense of apprehension, because you will know that you are divinely taken care of in every moment.