Awakening Your Original
by Maitreya
Channelled through Natalie Glasson, November 18,
Original Source: Sacred of OmNa

The Christ Consciousness is not only energy to be embodied to aid your ascension process, it is a loving consciousness, a way of thinking, , seeing and speaking which is natural to you, more natural than your current existence. Yet there are many who fear , who fear remembering their truth because they feel they will be harmed, there are many who fear the Christ Consciousness because they feel they will be controlled or that they are accepting a consciousness which they do not believe in, like a religion or faith which dictates or is outdated. The Christ Consciousness I, Lord Maitreya, speak of in truth cannot be by a label; its energy cannot be described, and it cannot anything from you. Instead, it is an energy within you which is your essence, which similar to you in this very moment. This energy is a natural part of your being; it is the most benevolent, compassionate, life-giving, generous, deeply love and magnificent aspect of yourself. An aspect that you may feel you are unable to contemplate and yet you know it exists within you. When you allow this aspect of yourself to be if only for a moment, similar to a glimmer of emerging from within, then you will give yourself the freedom and free will to surrender, expand and accept this natural aspect of yourself into your everyday life.