Allow Your Heart Space to Profoundly
By Cherie Frances
November 15, 2016

There are many ways to think of this problem of having a “hardened heart” as you say. It is done by most, primarily, to protect oneself from attack from others. Remarks and interactions which do not play out to plan are the main culprits of this happening. It is not wise to remain open to others whom are not to be trusted, yes, but there must be times when the heart is allowed to open and flourish in the love of the and for family and friends to benefit from the softness that comes from having an open heart. An open airway if you will, lungs cannot obtain oxygen if the airway is obstructed and so with the heart.

A blockage does not allow the love to flow or readily as is required with those close to us whom we trust and value dearly. There must be times when at ease, we allow our heart space to open profoundly, unobstructed with fears or resentment and allow the love to come gushing forth. A soft penetration of our vulnerability will then be achieved and may cause one sorrow and heartache, but this is release in its finest . Do not feel ashamed for closing your heart-space dear . You are living in the best ways possible for your conditions.

Moving forward is releasing the stones which sit within the walls of the beating membranes of your physical heart. One by one, pluck these stones out with ease, allow the emotions and to gush out as if water has been dammed – in privacy or with others whom are trusted. Do not feel guilty. Deep can come allowing yourself the time and space to allow these feelings to flow through readily and easily via your heart-space. There is no shame in this. With time you will find you are more to open your heart to receive and give the true, deep love that we all deserve and desire.

I love you so much.

Mary Magdalene


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