Harnessing the Power and Essence Within You
by Mother Earth,
Channeled through Natalie Glasson, November 25, 2016
Original Source, Sacred School of OmNa


Some aspects of the Earth can seem restraining, confining and restrictive, this not the true essence of the Earth, it of liberation, freedom and expansion. The energies of my being, Mother Earth, have numerous levels, you might say dimensions of energy which connect with the levels and dimensions of your being. If you are recognizing the Earth as a negative place which and restricts you, then you are not viewing the essence, truth and jewels of my being and energy. You are not allowing to look and connect deeply within my being to see the truth. This when you will realize the magical energies, wisdom and sacred which are available within my being. Although I, Mother Earth, am one with all upon the Earth, many have yet to look within at their own essence and into the depths of my essence to recognize the truth of this earthly reality, to discover the magic which available. It when you begin to appreciate, love and allow yourself to be fascinated with nature, realizing that the Creator, myself and your essence within all things upon the Earth, that you begin to connect with the magic of the Earth. It also when you begin to recognize within your being that love present, compassion, and truth, realizing that everything within you the same as of you, especially in nature. The magic of the Earth appears to you when you the connection, which strong and true like a bridge of light between the truth within your being and the truth within my body; the Earth. The connection made with yourself, and all that I manifest allows you to access the magical high vibrational energies and wisdom that unique to the Earth. It exists within my being and yourself, because during your upon the Earth we are synthesizing our energy to as one, co-creating the Creator in manifestation.