Channeled by James McConnell and Dr. Susan Sammarco.

Not really sure that we will be any different on the answer you gave however after the “Event” you will see that everything has changed.

Q: Is there any to what I read about St. Germain overlighting Mr. Trump?

Who Serves”
We can tell you it is not a overlighting that you are thinking. There is somewhat of an overshadowing, yes. It is true because this country is St. Germain’s baby. It was helped to be of founded by St. Germain. He is very much involved this. St. Germain plans to speak very soon this , possibly in the next here. He will more on this and this particular topic can be approached as well.

But understand that this Donald Trump is there for a reason. He is purposely there, it could have gone the other direction, but because of all the orchestration by man’s ; it is not the Ascended Master’s or the Galactics or the Agarthan’s that are running this show, it is you. Your collective is creating all of this. Your collective said, enough is enough! We will not have this same business as usual.

Therefore, the Donald Trump was elected here. Whether he will serve, as you know it, has not been seen here. There are many things that can still here. There are many things that are up in the as you might say. But there is a continuation of the orchestration that is happening at all times.

It is not St. Germain incarnated as Donald Trump. It is a bit of overshadowing here. Yes.