for First Contact by the Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie
7, 2016 Chapter 21 The Rescue

As soon as I could release to what I was the immense healing ability of his children, I that John actually was the person whom I had come to Earth to meet. No wonder I had such a sense of urgency to come on this mission. If I had arrived just a few later, I would have found John dead in the dark alley. His attack was not a random mugging. It was an assassination attempt. Since I was no longer sharing my with John, I was able to relax my concentration on keeping him alive, so that I could receive the entire . I knew that I had about an hour earth-time before we were discovered by the “police,” so I took some of that “” to gather what I had learned so far and to begin my meeting with John, to . As I connected again with John, I could see that he was healing quickly.

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