Preparing For First Contact by The Pleiadians through Sue Lee
August 1, 2016
Where is Sharman?

Shelia Speaks:

Hello, Shelia here. I am addressing you all to inform you that we have all contact with Sharman. He was suddenly called back to Earth again. He told me there was an that he had to attend on Earth, and we have not heard from him since. I am usually able to at least perceive him when he goes to Earth, but something happened, and I all contact with him. All we know is that he had an important meeting with a human that has a great deal of influence on Earth. He told us that he had to “go in .” Which that we do not see him, and he would need to check in with us. He said that he knew that this person, or persons, would not trust him if they knew that their conversation was NOT just between them. However, it has been several in Earth time, and he has not reported back to us. I, his Complement, am very worried as the only image I can receive from him is that he is on the in a dark place and is bleeding. Normally, we can track him via his “signature frequency,” but somehow his mental frequency has been shifted, and we cannot locate him. It is my impression that the physical vessel he is wearing, has somehow suffered a brain concussion…

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