By the Pleiadians
Through Suzanne Lie
July 5, 2016

Conversations With Your SELF

Greetings, Sharman, back again to with you. I wish I could tell you of our on Earth, but it is not yet safe enough to do so. We have heard many of you ask, “Why is there still darkness in our world?” Hence, that question will be the of our message to you within your NOW. Yes, there is still darkness in your reality, but there is more “light” within your NOW than has been experienced in many generations of your “time.” Part of the why there is more “light” is because you, our volunteers to Gaia, have been your consciousness into higher and higher dimensions. Since your of consciousness determines the frequency of reality that you are perceiving, and thus experiencing, more and more of you are silently slipping into fifth dimensional Earth. Since you are still experiencing the process of transmuting your reality into the next octave, you are having experiences of slipping in to and out of fifth dimensional Earth.

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