Chapter 13 Merging with your Dimensional
By the Arcturians, Pleiadians
Through Suzanne Lie June 29, 2016

Greetings, we your , Pleiadian, and higher expressions of your SELF, are in the process of joining with your fifth dimensional and beyond fields. This joining, which will only when you are ready, will flow into your third/fourth dimensional energy fields. When you/we blend that which is an octave jump beyond your resonance, with your baseline resonance of third/fourth dimensional, you will into an entirely different operating system. By operating system we mean that you will process reality in a different manner with your fifth dimensional operating system than you processed reality with your third/fourth dimensional operating system. As an example, in your world you are ruled by time. On the other hand, in the fifth dimension you are ruled by “the HERE of the NOW.”

Please remember that the members of your Galactic Family are always within you. Thus, you are never alone!
Within the ONE of this NOW, WE are YOU.
The Arcturians and the members of your Galactic Family

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