Preparing For First Contact – Chapter Eighteen – The Inner Stairway
By the Pleiadians through July 28, 2016

Chapter Eighteen
The Inner Stairway Home

Sharman here. I have returned from my last visit to Earth as a “normal human.” I have learned a lot and wanted to share you what I have discovered. Of course, many of you on Earth are familiar what I will say. However, I am hoping that my perception of your current reality may, in some manner, you with the many challenges that you are currently facing in your third/fourth dimensional versions of reality. There are taking place within the of dear Gaia, as well as within the of many of Her humans. On the other hand, there are many other humans who appear to be going backwards into fears, lies, and deceit, rather than forward into and cosmic truth. It is quite common for a reality on the cusp of transmutation to experience this dualistic of reality. What is occurring is that the inhabitants of Gaia are deciding if they are ready to look deep within to clear their OWN old fears. Once their own fears are consciously acknowledged and forgiven, they can welcome the new versions of reality that are based on love and unity. During this energetic transition into the next octave of your consciousness, your “primary version of reality” will shift from day to day.

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