By Liza the Human
Through Sue Lie

Chapter 23
Liza’s Journal

Hello, I am Liza. If you do not know how I ended up on a Starship, please watch chapter 21

Sharman valiantly rescued my father, John, my brother, Shawn, and I, Liza. Our father had a long recovery from the injuries that he suffered, so Shawn and I were watched over by Sharman and his Divine Complement Shelia. I did not know what a “divine complement” was before I came on the Ship.

PREPARING FOR FIRST CONTACT Chapter 22 Light with Nature By Sharman the Pleiadian-Through Sue Lie

Greetings. I am Commander Sharman speaking to you from our Starships. I say, “Starships” because are many of us now who are maintaining a constant connection with Gaia within the higher fourth and fifth dimensional versions of Her .

Humans have adapted a belief, or prejudice, that only third dimensional humans are alive, and everything else goes under the category of “nature,” as if the ‘human’ category was more important than the category of nature.

The fact is that nature could, and did, survive and thrive much better before humans became “civilized.” In reality the non-civilized humans were much more in tune with, and in cohesion with nature, than what has been “the modern man.”

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