Preparing For The Pleiadians through Suzanne Lie
Chapter 11 Are you joining us NOW? 23, 2016

“Are you joining us NOW?” we hear many of our volunteers to Earth ask.
“Pretty much,” our unified response that we send deep into the consciousness of the many who are asking us that question.
“What do you want me to do?” The volunteers usually ask. The awakened ones are ready and eager to contribute all that they can to the of personal and planetary ascension. “Build a team of dedicated ones who can in Unity Consciousness. This Unity Consciousness greatly boost the individual consciousness of each of you into the greater bandwidth of group consciousness. Then we ask that each of you share your experiences and place them in with others. In this , you will begin to ‘make ascension normal’. Once ascension is normal, the fear of the unknown will be easily . Then, any one new to the experience of ‘peeking into the fifth dimension’ will have a support team with whom they can communicate and share. “In this manner, Unity Consciousness will into Planetary Consciousness. When the greater percentage of consciousness is calibrated to Planetary Consciousness, Gaia will have the support She needs to begin Her transition….

from your Pleiadian and Galactic Family

End of Our Transmission

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