by Nancy Tate.

Wake up Call: Ohmnipure, November-10-16

I am Ohmnipure, and I would like to say to all of you that the dance has only just begun. It is in the for the RV and all of the other funds to be set . It is going to go through a process that has been evolving through the energies of all of human life, and all of what has been taking place since the election in the known as the United States. It is soon to be seen what the new changes will be bringing to the of life, and the ones who will be creating those changes. It is a fine example of what you are all capable of and how you can create that which you desire in a that may at this seem to be a confusing way.

I will go on with this category of people standing in line waiting for certain moves to be made. They are the ones who have been following the steps that have been going on for so long. They are the ones who are deeply involved with what has been in the works and how it has been proven to be confusing, and at times disappointing. I understand how this can happen, for you are all going through so many upliftments of your inner beingness. It is a time for all of you to investigate on a soul level what it is that you have been creating within your own personal world in this process. Have you put so much on hold that the air is stagnant around you? Are you still awaiting the outside source of information to lead you in a way that will bring you to the doorstep of the funds you’ve been looking forward to?

I suggest to you now that you may benefit from checking in with your inner self for information. Look to what you feel about the you have, and then ask your higher for the answer. Once that answer comes, then investigate what it means as far as the steps you have taken, and the ones you may be inspired to take. Trust in your inner self, when you have a good feeling about what it tells you. Do you see a picture? Do you have a feeling that doesn’t seem to go along with your questions? Take the to play with this idea. See what come up in your mind from them. See what feelings that these create. Allow yourself to feel what is in keeping with what you believe is good for you. Is it the answer you have been searching for? Is it a surprise, or seeming not to have relevance to it?