Germain, Portal Now Opened to incredible ,
November 12, 2016 by Christine Preston

On other aspects, now, the souls or people of this nation are in great shock because they realize that the media, or the sources of the media’s narratives were out of touch with reality. ‘The amount of votes that went to our cause was totally unexpected’ they say. The polls were wrong. They are going to examine and do some soul searching, and check all the systems. This is a very good thing. Mainstream was so sure of their victory and have been proven wrong. This has opened a door for totally different approaches in politics and the whole country is being ruled. It was a victory of the Light. The manipulations of the dark to create conditions that would have fulfilled their own agenda, have been reversed and defeated. It is the Will of the people that is represented in these elections, and that is a very important truth because the Almighty, Heaven, or God, are not able to intervene in the affairs of man, or of a planet, by Law, except if they are given authority to do so. They now have chosen a Leader who is free of connections with the dark empire of these overlords who have been pulling the strings of power in politics and have caused the downfall of this Nation, and had desires of causing even more upon the globe to achieve a reduction in its . These were criminal an psychopathic individuals who are so few in number now that they have created artificial intelligence, or robotoid intelligences, to act in the midst of your world and some function in the media, the false narratives which they thought would indoctrinate the crowds. Some of these robots looking like beings are present in your , and so -like, that you have not noticed that there are differences in the way they behave. They sometime malfunction and this is why they had to the scenarios of Hillary Clinton being sick and coughing, or fainting.