The Election, America and it’s Role in The New Earth
November 9, 2016 by Jennifer Snell

Then last night at 1:30AM, it was like a lightening bolt pulsed through my and I jumped out of bed!
I turned on the TV and watched one of the biggest upsets in . I knew it was meant to be. Trump won against all odds.

Saint Germain: Donald Trump is part of the Plan for the New Earth. He is here because the company of Heaven put him here to usher in change. He was chosen because he does not have energetic ties to the Dark Cabals on the Planet. Now as Lightworkers you must continue to pray and Donald along with the of the in the Government in America. This is not about winners and losers, this is about Unity. We ask all of you to continue to send the to the United States Government. The Divine Feminine is going to now express itself in ways that you cannot even imagine. Keep shining your light brightly Dear Ones. This is a glorious time on Planet Earth. You are witnessing a beautiful New Age of love and light you will embody the Divine Human.

We Love You,
Saint Germain