You are free , utterly unlimited, just as God intended.
November 5, 2016 by John

Humanity’s awakening is proceeding apace. Keep on holding and renewing the for it to occur because it is you, humanity, who are doing the ! God has not set an alarm clock to rouse you from your dreams because that would be interfering with your free will choice. However, I you that He will be , in fact all in the will be to greet and honor you with an absolute abundance of Love as we commence the celebrations that are due to start immediately you .

The excited enthusiasm and anticipation that we are presently experiencing is boundless because we can clearly your astonished amazement and stunned delight as you wake up. It will not be the of groggy eye-rubbing awakening to which many of you have become accustomed as humans, instead you will awaken into Yourself, the real You, and find yourselves vitally alive and filled with and enveloped within the field of boundless Love that is You and God.