The Love that you are longs to flow through you freely and constantly.
10/30/2016 by John Smallman

Many on Earth are very confused as their unaddressed and unacknowledged issues arise into their conscious awareness, and you, the workers and bearers, are, by your constant intent to be, share, and extend Love to all on the planet doing sterling work in this massive assistance program for humanity. It completely successful because, of course, it has already been accomplished. Let go of your focus on linear time, it an aspect of the illusion that only confuses you. Just remember that there only the ever-present now in which the Love that is enfolds and embraces all without even the most infinitesimal break or interruption. There is no separation, there is no illusion, there is only Love, , Source, the supreme and wise Intent that flows eternally throughout creation embracing and enfolding all life in utter joy.