Sheldan Nidle’s update for November 15, 2016

This process of raising your consciousness is based on divine decrees from AEON. These commanded that Heaven and its divine servants come together and formulate a plan to return you to your heritage of galactic humanhood. The first step in this process was to begin a general upgrading of your consciousness levels. The attacks by the on your only accelerated these sacred commandments. At the outset of the 1990s, our first was to send a special Science and Engineering fleet into your . As noted in earlier reports, the fleet encountered a great deal of initial resistance, which was remedied by the end of the first decade of our interactions. Since then, we have started to develop a progressively greater of trust. This process has resulted in a general plan that is to us to our joint goal of a NESARA Republic. It is envisioned that after a few months of launching this new Republic, we can begin to formally ourselves to you. After that, we can initiate the landings and the finishing touches to consciousness.