Your is growing from a society based upon primitive technology to one built on electronic devices. This alters it into a realm that primitively mimics ours. What is to happen is for this electronic technology to become global, a that is occurring now at a much greater rate. We look across this and see how the electrical grids are expanding every in Asia, Africa and the Americas. These electrical grids can then become the foundation for the wireless electronic . Although this process is still slow in most of your world, the new prosperity is going to end such limitations. Your planet’s world has been largely controlled by the Western-based Illuminoids. Such centralized control is to be much more difficult in a time of great global prosperity. It is this that is the true basis of GESARA. It is essential that the limited power base be eliminated and a new, more be substituted. As that power widens, the world becomes more able to accept new . It also becomes more open to disclosure and mass contact.