The Angels by
November 12, 2016

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

We know so many of you feel as if you have been disappointed in this lifetime. Some of you feel you have disappointed yourselves. Many of you feel disappointed by others. Even more feel disappointed by life. Take heart! Each one of you, in every breath, has opportunity for ! Each one of you has the ability to release yourselves and others from the bondage of expectations, and to dance with life, exactly as you are, and exactly as life is.

We hear you now! “I to be treated kindly! I myself to do my best. I others to be honest! I my children to listen to me” and on the list goes. You may have these expectations dear ones, but what happens when you do not live up them? What happens when others do not? While it is fine to have expectations, you already know that life and others do not always act as you . You do not always live up to your own expectations. What then?

Far better to say, “I expect to be treated kindly but if I am not I discern what to do next.” “I expect to do my best, but when I do not, I choose to learn.” “I expect others to be honest with me but when they betray my , I walk away or let them know kindly what it takes to earn it once again.” “I expect my children to listen to me, but if they don’t, I lovingly guide them in their here upon the earth.”

Expect the best of yourself and others dear ones, if you wish, but when you or they do not live up to these expectations, be flexible. Dance with the moment, as you are, as life is, because in that reality you are no longer resisting life. You are no longer chained to your expectations in the . You are open to guidance in the moment, dealing with reality of life in front of you.

In this fashion, you free yourself to find the most loving course of action based on you are, life is, and others are … right here and right now, in the present moment.

God You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels