By Shivrael Luminance River.

The Unveiling of Ourselves to the Light ~ Shivrael Luminance River


Perhaps you are feeling it? You may be feeling the energetic intensity of the collective through your own body. Sometimes I feel that intensity that anxiety, and with no apparent . Why do I feel this strong anxiety? It was wisely out to me that it often the collective emotion to the surface through me, and maybe through you if you. You may be an energetically sensitive person and not know it. When it intense emotionally, it may not be personal! Keep this as .

Crisis and Wake up Call.

Our collective is going through a big wake up and I heard it described as a healing crisis, as if the emotional body of the world is on a cleansing fast and sores and pus are arising in this body to the surface. It feels scary, looks but is actually bringing the body, the collective to a higher level and even a higher vibrational octave of existence. Those old toxins are finally cleared out.