By Shivrael Luminance River.

Imagine with me, this . Imagine yourself in the crystal center of the earth. And in this image you are now miniaturized to fit on a crystal, a crystal that represents your soul.It contains the Akashic Records of your lives and experiences on earth. The end of the soul crystal is a pyramid shape, the point for you to sit on and with this it is like you are seated upon a crystalline pyramid. It is the activation of all lifetimes as one lifetime representing wholeness with all that you are, and also connected to all that is. Within this place, you access your whole souls knowing and also the earth’s knowing and the galaxy’s knowing. The higher knowing comes in on crystalline codes of , through your human now and transfers to your inner earth , all deriving from the Great Central Sun and beyond and traveling through the earth’s sun, yourself on earth, and this you that is within the crystalline core of Mother Earth, as a part of here. Receive all that is being gifted to you on the etheric level for a place of openness and worthiness of the transforming and transcendence energy to take you to a higher place.

May the Akashic of your soul be opened for your knowing of all lessons being now completed as you remember what you have . The Codes of Remembrance awaken. You are supported and connected to all that is, in collaboration with , your universal self awakening as your divine self. The awakening is the connection to all. There is a divine transcendence as you dance with all of your multidimensional aspects, all lives as one life, this is the graduation, this is the after the omega point. We are at an end of an era, 2016 and to the beginning of a new one, since 12/12/16. Tranforming energies shift us from the to the omega this solstice time as we greet the new year. Many are focusing their meditation time together on world peace and also on the Medicine Wheel at Standing Rock, connected to all medicine wheels on earth, and the flow of the energetic higher consciousness and love and protection for water. We can join in this at any time as there is not time in the reality.

Indeed 2017 is the culmination of awakening and remembrance for many of you and the integration of knowing. You will see, potentially and potently, the wholeness you are. it will allow the emotional turbulence to fall away that trip you up in your humanness. You unite with the wholeness and greatness of who you really are. These words are whispering remembrance of that to you, and you define what that is.

It is unique for everyone and it is a seeming an inoculation (meaning a remedy to the challenges of earth) to this density experience that has been so difficult. It is the inoculation of love, divine love of the universe, and inoculation of observation from all perspectives as one self which gives you some neutrality. It helps you to weave, and to flow with the experience. Weave is to create as the beautiful thread of unique frequency colored light that you are in the greater tapestry of the collective. You lend a certain beauty and uniqueness that source planned to have on earth right now because of how precious you are. You your precious beingness out in all that you are, as a gift to the planet.