Beloved Ones,

It is great anticipation that we greet you this day. There are gifts being delivered to your world that will significantly change your life for the better. Initially, these changes will be ones that will be of to all in the form of detoxifying your environment, allowing greater ease and flow through many of your systems, and allowing for you all to have equal opportunities regardless of your circumstances. As the changes continue, you will see a very large influx of new technologies from your galactic brothers and . We understand you have been enculturated to fear or disbelieve in any beings that are not Earth-based. Dearest Ones, if your galactic neighbors and benefactors had any ill intentions, they would have acted on them by now. They are far beyond you in technologies. Many of them are supremely advanced spiritually speaking and they are well versed in universal laws. Therefore they understand that what they do affects all. Their understanding of energy, karma, reciprocity, thought transference, manifestation, and all things of what you would a metaphysical or spiritual are where your civilization would take thousands of years to get to without their assistance. We are not saying that every being that is not of Earth is benevolent. We are saying that those who are you to your greater evolution and potential are protecting you from others that have darker intentions.

Know that always prevails against darkness. When you are in a space of darkness, all you need is the presence of light to dispel the darkness – whether that be a candle, a flashlight, an open , or, consider when there is a power outage – knowing the layout of the room you are in and what it contains gives you a great deal of knowledge of how to navigate it in the darkness. This is a example of how knowledge can fear. When you have enough knowledge to ward off fear, you can move through any situation unencumbered by fear. That is exactly what we wish to do in this transmission – arm you with knowledge that will allow you to move through any unfamiliar territory without fear.