, Re the Cosmic ,
December 26, 2016, by Christine Preston

The Mayan calendar envisaged an ‘end of times’ that was interpreted by researchers and calculated to occur on December 21, 2012, and it was said that the Solar System revolves around in a cycle of 26,000 years – and as stated by Sheldan Nidle, the photon belt to the Milky Galaxy every 26,000 years. December 21, 2012 was expected to be the when a galactic alignment was to drastically alter life on Earth, and it was by the end of December 2012 that the Solar System could have reached the Stargate. The penetration of the Solar System within the photon belt had taken place in January 1997.
When the Earth entered the void created by the collision of the pinwheel with the photon belt, on January 1, 1997, the whole Solar System was within a . As I said before, we were due to reach the Stargate in December 2012, but we have stayed longer inside the void and the photon belt, and we should now enter the Stargate in 2017. This process should a shift to the 5th dimension because, as defined by Sheldan Nidle, a Stargate is a place where light energies of different dimensions meet. Photon light has an effect on consciousness that in a sense prepares you for the meeting with higher energies.
When it is time to humankind to the higher of the dimension we shall enter the Stargate. When this can occur is being presently debated by the Karmic Board.
The Stargate is a door opening to the higher dimension and you will be thrust up onto it. Even though the Solar System entered the photon belt within a void, photonic light plays a role in the Ascension process as a whole. The photon light causes the veils of consciousness to drop, and we are approaching a time when a ‘zap’ or ‘snap’ will occur, and that is when we enter the Stargate.