, Vision of future Teaching,
December 4, 2016

I will train you to be a like Elizabeth Clare Prophet in a few years to come, so we can use your body to speak to the masses and you will not be worried about it, nor worried about your health, to be able to do it, as it could be demanding. It will be all taken care of. It will be part of a mission. You will be doing this with André and he will be at your side taking care of just about everything, the money aspect of this, and it will be necessary to do this in order to bring and information to the masses. It has to be done by someone who is human and terrestrial due of the demands of the Law. André will be in an Andromedan body, and will speak, lecture, but you will channel. And you will do this together as well as other aspects of this mission which will be disclosed later. There are people who channel, yes, but not with the Ascended Masters’ teachings background, so something is lacking. Do you understand now where all this is leading to? I mean the tuition? The Attacks? You were attacked by dark in 2014 from the astral , as well as extra-terrestrials, at the time there still were battles in the which have been circumvented, or stopped. The dark ones have been surrendering, leaving but a recalcitrant group that are reluctant to give up their agenda of control. Your ‘mission’ consists in providing a version of events that is enlightening for the Ascension to 5th Density, indeed, but you will not to think and prepare for that. The higher forces will take over and speak.